Our History

A series of unique partnerships emerged in 2001 when a small group of California employers, along with their long-time insurance broker, took steps to manage sky-rocketing workers’ compensation insurance costs by creating AggCap. The founding members believed that their insurance costs should be more aligned with their own experience and less subject to the vagaries of the California workers comp market. Over time, companies of like mind have joined and together they have worked to make AggCap what it is today.

Our Focus

AggCap focuses on meeting the workers compensation needs of food and agri-business employers. Current members represent the gambit of the industry, from planting to harvesting to processing to transportation to distribution – from “seed to shelf” so to speak. Joining AggCap involves much more than purchasing insurance – you become an investor in AggCap. Consequently, participation in AggCap is a long-term financial decision and is not for you if your sole criteria for the insurance buy is the lowest cost each year.