The Mitty Family

We’ve sourced the most luxurious textiles and reengineered the cleansing mitt. Introducing The Mitty family.


Take My Face Off’s® flagship products are the softest, sweetest, most stylish workhorses around. Made from luxurious textiles, their patent-pending designs leave traditional washcloths far behind.


The Mitty’s™ customized line features ultra-luxury textiles and innovative design. Different skin, different days, and different needs will find a perfect Mitty™ solution.

Babies and Children

The Mitty™ loves babies! Our products set a new standard of softness for children’s and infants’ skin cleansing.

Sensitive Skin

We’re not exaggerating when we brag that all of our products are made for sensitive skin. That said, our new, hyper-ultra-sensitive cleansing product is coming soon!