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Swingtime Ep 9 (“Live” Time)

It’s time now for some masterful singing from some masterful singers. They take it to all new levels by just stepping on a stage which is what they will do in this program. For episode 9 of our tribute to the Great American Songbook, Swingtime, we listen to some ‘live’ performances from the greatest singers. These are rare performances and ‘live’ recordings broadcast into homes around the world. The drinks are mixed and the cigarette dish is full. Time to settle in and check out some great singers. 

Soulville Ep 9

It’s time to put together a new mix tape. That time of the week when you want to find something a little different that brings together deep tracks and old faves. For episode 9 of Soulville we take a somewhat experimental journey for this week’s collection. There are some unusually deep tracks that may be a surprise. Plus many familiar tunes from the Hot Hits vault. It’s mellow dance grooves, smokey ballads and hot funk rhythms on the playlist.  Pour a martini and dim the lights. Time for entertainment and pleasure.  

Songs From the Yard Ep 9

Alight, Jah is in the house. And the house has a tin roof. It’s time for some reggae, people. It’s episode 9 of Songs from the Yard, our testament to the music of the emerald isle called Jamaica. In this installment we spin two hours worth of the dankest dub, rocksteady, dancehall, and ska you can shake a spliff at. This is a special episode, featuring the legends. That means Marley, Tosh, and The Upsetter. Enjoy, Haile Selassie would approve. 

Sock Rockin’ Beats Ep 9

There comes many times in one’s life when all you want to do is rock. All you want is rock – all you do is rock – all you’ve got to have without question or reservation is rock, Rock, ROCK! For episode 9 of Sock Rockin’ Beats that’s all there is – 2 hours of rocking unconditionally. Don’t think about either sitting down, not screaming your lungs out or not throwing one or both fists in the air. These songs rattle the walls. Furniture smashing may also occur.  

Off The Wall Ep 9

Once upon a time, a teenager bought a thing called a record. It was made of PVC, also known as vinyl. It was wrapped in a big paper covering with pretty pictures on it. The teenager liked the record so much he bought 3,000 more just like it. Our show Off The Wall is a tribute to those purchases which makes up 1/2 the library at The Balcony. For Episode 9 we get up from the table and chairs and pull a few vinyl records from the shelves to listen to for a couple of hours. Still some dust on a couple of these things. We’ll clean it up so we put the needle in the right place. 

Long Song Silver Ep 9

Sometimes, size does mean everything. It means pleasure. It means satisfaction. And sometimes, you want it to go on as long as possible. We at The Balcony believe in a full and complete experience that goes on until you’re fully satisfied. Long Song Silver is the show dedicated to a long, extended musical experience. All songs are 10 mins or longer. With Episode 9 we play six songs that take the word EPIC to a new level. Forward all your calls to VM, you’ll be busy for awhile.

I Remember That Ep 9 (Pure Doo-Wop)

Before Chuck Berry, before Elvis, before the Beatles, rock and roll had a different sound. The sax was the lead instrument, the voices did all the work a Wall of Sound could, and Doo Wop knocked your bobby socks off. In episode 9 of I Remember That, we get into the ol’ way back machine and play all the hits from the classes of ’55-’59. Join us for 90 minutes of music that’ll spill your milkshake.   

High Tea with The Beatles Ep 9 – Solo Hits “Live”

One day, Orson Wells was sitting in a bar when someone walked up to him and asked, “So, what did you do after ‘Citizen Kane’?” One day, someone walked up to Paul McCartney and asked, “What was the name of the group you were in before Wings?” The moral of this story: don’t bug geniuses, man. But with Episode 9 of High Tea with The Beatles we try to answer those nagging questions about what Ringo, George, Paul and John did after their time with one of the greatest bands ever. We answer from various concert stages around the globe as each member of the band does a solo “live” set of their greatest hits. A few surprises are in store in the days after The Fab Four. Buy the ticket, take the ride, write home about it. 

Have the Rolling Stones Killed Ep 9 (Stones in the Seventies)

Sometime around 1972, Mick Jagger learned to strut. After the moon landing, this might be the biggest thing to happen in the second half of the twentieth century. In Episode 9 of Have the Rolling Stones Killed we venture through the 70s with Mick, Keef, the other Mick, Charlie, Bill and Ronnie later on. We listen in as the drugs get harder, the sex gets weirder and the blues becomes rock and roll. And then r&b, and then country, and then disco . . .