Anatomy of a Mitty

Washcloths are ancient.  We decided it was time for a reboot.


The Mitt Made Modern


We spend a lot of time thinking, talking, and testing washcloths.  (“Hello—I’m your neighbor.  Yes, the one with the annoying dog.  You don’t mind if I interrupt to ask about your cleansing routine, do you?”)  We’ve found that although many people use and need washcloths, few of us actually like them.


Clearly, the terrycloth workhorse was itching for an overhaul.  Enter, the Mitty!


  • Problem: washcloths are coarse and irritate skin
  • Solution: sumptuous, ultra-gentle textiles


  • Problem: washcloths can be hard to control, especially for children
  • Solution: The Mitty washing mitt for grown-ups, and our MiniMitty for small hands and children


  • Problem: washcloths are too bulky for small areas
  • Solution: thinner materials, plus our patented, genius Detailer


  • Problem: washcloths are slow to dry
  • Solution: encourage faster drying with a combination of breathable fabrics and clever design


  • Problem: washcloths are ugly, especially when draped over a shower curtain
  • Solution: an eye-catching design and beautiful fabrics, with clever openings for hanging the Mitty to dry